Hello everyone!

My name is Dmitrii Oleinik. I 'm 25 and a photographer. I live in NEW YORK.
   The photograph changed my view of myself, forced to grow from a hesitant and humble boy to an individual, with a clear motivation to "achieve the impossible." From the local club of photo lovers (Dalnegorsk), to admission to the lyceum of VGUES. I learned and got a long-awaited dream - a specialty of a photographer. And then, as they say, "went, drove..."
    I arrived from a small city, I started everything literally "from scratch," I even managed to work as an administrator in one of the studios. Got a good experience there and got connections. It helped me to become.

I like to shoot weddings, family stories both in nature and in studios. I 'll be glad to capture your favorite moments.
For meeting, tips and recommendations I don 't take money, it 's completely free!

dimaoleynikvl@gmail.com  |  +1 917 346 6285